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Dildos are one of the most commonly used sex toys in history. It may surprise some to know that a 30,000 year old dildo was discovered in Germany. Since that time, dildos have progressed and now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Today, dildos are made of all types of materials, from rubber to steel, but they all have the same purpose: enjoyment.

While dildos do wonders for masturbation, that's not their only use. Some smaller dildos can be used as oral gags, if you’re into that type of thing. Obviously, dildos are not just for vaginal stimulation. Many people also use them for anal gratification. Many females use strap on dildos to perform anal sex on their male or female partners.

Lesbians get great use out of strap ons as well, as they can have actual intercourse without including a male partner. One of the greatest ideas in dildo history is of course the double ended dildo. This lets partners, male or female, enjoy the satisfaction of being entered at the same time. There is even a variety of strap on dildo that allows a woman to penetrate her partner as a male would, while another dildo goes inside of her to ensure dual gratification.

Dildos can be fun without a partner as well. Many dildos now come with a suction cup base, that allows for mounting on many surfaces, thus allowing a person to have the sensation of bumping against a solid surface while being pleasured. We cannot forget dildos that vibrate and move around either, which give additional pleasure whether you’re with a partner or not.

It seems new types of dildos come out every day. A newer type of dildo comes in the shape of a hollow penis with a strap. A man can insert himself inside of this dildo, strap it on, and ensure that his partner gets satisfied every time. The inside of the dildo is made from materials that ensure the partner “giving” is always able to get off as well.

Dildos of all types, shapes, and sizes are also available with ribbed or otherwise textured bodies. These ensure an even greater sexual pleasure, especially for those who enjoy a rough ride. Some are even made from a mixture of materials that feel like actual human skin, for those who want a realistic feel.

Though many dildo makers use different materials for their dildos, some of the most popular new materials are steel and glass. These two materials can be heated or cooled, and do wonders to maintain the body heat of the user. Some kinkier users even use steel dildos for electrostimulation, for an electrifying orgasm.

Dildos have been in use since before written history. Luckily, we have come a long way from the stone and wooden dildos of yore. With all of the types, shapes, sizes, and materials that modern dildos come in, there should be no shortage of enjoyment for either of the sexes.